I'm Ready To Go ! I want to become a ZipRazor Affiliate!

It's simple...Get paid to use a better razor!

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This is the place where you can follow a simple step by step instruction list to get started with ZipRazor as an affiliate.

If you are ready to conquer the razor and personal care product world with us, and join the ZipRazor team as an affiliate, please follow these steps:

Each link below will open a separate window.

Step 1) Pick your monthly membership ( most successful affiliates start with our premier 5-blade membership plan):

For Males: Click Here


For Females: Click Here

Place your order into your shopping cart and then come back here and proceed to Step 2 to add a ZipKit to your order.


Step 2) Order your ZipKit : 

 Basic ZipRazor Agent Kit : $99.00


Add payment information and then check out! Then come back here and follow the third step.

Step 3) After placing your order for the two above items please contact the person that referred you to the ZipRazor opportunity and then visit our training page at: 





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