ZipKit - Agent Distributor Kit



Would you like to go into business with ZipRazor? Then buy one of these ZipKits and get started right now.

We will pay you a continuous monthly commission on the awesome customers that you refer to us. Just introduce them to our fantastic razors and our membership system, and we'll do all the work. 

Order this kit, so you have samples that will help spread the word!

In this kit we provide you with 10 awesome handles (5 Male / 5 Female) and 10 Razors for you to share with family and friends. This way, they can try before they buy, and we are confident once they try our "awesome, affordable razors" that they will love to get their very own sets delivered hassle free to their own mailboxes.

Why would we want to do it this way? It's simple, we know that gathering loyal customers through traditional marketing is simply not as effective as amazing word of mouth marketing. We would much rather pay you a monthly residual commission than to pay for traditional expensive and ineffective regular marketing.

Along with this kit, we will soon provide you with your very own ZipRazor website, as well as provide you with training through webinars, live FB chats, teleconferences, and live events. 

So, start you ZipRazor business right now, and be part of the new revolution in shaving, by joining the ZipRazor team ! Get yourself one of these awesome ZipKits today!

As Major K says, 'You'll be glad you did !"









Type: Razor

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